Our Leadership Team


PandemicPrep.Org is a non-profit collaborative organization helping the St. Louis Region better understand and prepare for the impacts of pandemic and bioterrorism incidents.

The mission and activities of PandemicPrep.Org are administered through an Executive Director, standing Board of Directors and Steering Committee.

The Executive Director is a paid staff member of PandemicPrep.Org. The Executive Director’s role is coordination of communication and activities among the Board, Executive Committee, Steering Committee and volunteer Working Groups, fundraising and public outreach.

Members of the Board of Directors serve as volunteers from representative parts of the region and help create strategies for the fulfillment of the mission and direction of PandemicPrep.Org. A standing Executive Committee of the Board meets regularly and coordinates with the Executive Director in administering the mission and activities of PandemicPrep.Org.

Members of the Steering Committee serve as volunteers from the community and perform or manage the activities necessary to fulfill the mission of PandemicPrep.Org as directed by the Executive Committee of the Board and coordinated by the Executive Director.

Name Company Position Work Phone E-mail Address
Tim Woerther AT&T Co-Chair / Board Member 314-235-7600 tw5848@att.com
Mark Kaintz MK Consulting Co-Chair / Steering Committee 314-809-7377 ursidae@mac.com
Harlan Dolgin Bio-Defense Network Treasurer / Board Member
David Reddick Saint Louis University Secretary / Board Member
Deb Artman Saint Louis University Board Member
Laura Faerber Airgas Puritan Medical Division Board Member
Steve Lawrence Washington University School of Medicine Board Member
Archibald McKinlay Federal Executive Board Board Member
Nick Kohlberg St. Charles County Health Department Board Member
Dr. Alan Zelicoff SLU’s Institute for Biosecurity Board Member
Richard Linenger Booz Hamilton (Retired) Steering Committee
Maryanne Martin OSHA Steering Committee
Josie Thomas Saint Louis Regional Radiological Response MRC Steering Committee