Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions

The Role of Local and Regional Departments of Health

Community departments of health will respond to a pandemic emergency by focusing on communication of essential information, containing the disease to the extent possible through non-pharmacological means and hopefully controlling the disease with through the delivery of disease-specific drugs and vaccines.Communication
Professionals charged with community health will incorporate increased surveillance of the pandemic disease and respond by providing the community with information and specific recommendations based upon its spread and lethality.


Traditional means to reduce infection and spread of disease will be an important part of community health response. These actions are likely to be the most important means of disease containment early in a pandemic event as disease-specific drugs and vaccines will be unavailable.


When the specific agents of disease are identified, drug and vaccines can be selected and engineered to reduce mortality or actually prevent human infections. As these agents become available, community officials will implement plans for distribution and administration. See pharmaceutical interventions page.
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